Arthritis is a debilitating condition that can cause cartilage changes to the joint; bony spurring around the joint and joint space narrowing. There are 33 joints in each foot, with each one working differently to support your body during life.

Kingsford Foot Clinic Toe Arthritis

Often people will say they have pain and stiffness in the mornings and especially on colder days. Sometimes the joint can be painful to touch or even painful on the bed sheets. The joint affected may get swollen or inflamed and may have a reduced range of motion.

As arthritis is a progressive condition, it’s important to catch it early so that the correct and most appropriate management strategies can be put in place. This will help slow the progression of arthritis.

Different strategies may include:
⦁ Anti-inflammatory medication prescription (short-term)
⦁ Taping techniques
⦁ Footwear changes and modifications
⦁ Strength training to help support the joint better
⦁ Orthotic prescription to help support your foot and joints
⦁ Cortisone injections to decrease joint space inflammation
⦁ Surgical interventions (joint clean-up; joint grafts or joint fusion)

When you come in for your podiatry appointment, we use a step-wise approach (as per the above strategies) to help you manage your symptoms. Once our podiatrists try all conservative measures, a referral to our Podiatric Surgeons is recommended.

Pain is not normal. If you are experiencing arthritis-related pain which is decreasing your quality of life, get in contact with our friendly staff or book online.