Pain in the ankle can result from inflammation or injury to any of the structures in this region, including the bones, joint space, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, or muscles. Every time you walk, your feet and ankles are taking on the weight of your entire body and running and jumping places extra force on your ankle joints. Ankle pain can be associated with other symptoms including swelling, bruising, numbness or tingling, burning pain, inability to bear weight and or weakness.


Achilles’ pain occurs when the tendon that attaches the heel to the calf muscles becomes painful, stiff or inflamed due to overuse. To help ease the discomfort of Achilles’ pain, your podiatrist will observe the biomechanics of your feet to assess foot motion and recommend the best treatment, which may include stretches and or Orthotics.


A stress fracture occurs when a small crack or fracture in the bone or ankle develops, due to repetitive weightbearing. Any activity that places high impact stress on the foot can lead to a foot stress fracture. This is a problem that commonly plagues athletes and runners because stress fractures often arise from overuse or from performing repetitive movements. However, if you suddenly change the intensity or duration of a workout you may also find yourself dealing with this problem. Pain is the number one indicator of a stress fracture and pain may get worse when walking or putting weight on the foot but the pain may subside when resting. The pain may be exacerbated throughout the day depending on your activity level. The area may be tender to the touch, have some minor bruising and have some swelling. If you suspect that you have a stress fracture it’s important that you schedule an appointment with us right away so that we can diagnose and treat your condition as soon as possible to prevent complications.


Ankle instability is a debilitating condition incorporating recurrent sprains, persistent pain and repeated instances of giving way. Proper rehabilitation is needed to strengthen the muscles around the ankle and retrain the tissues within the ankle that affect balance. When left untreated, this condition decreases one’s level of function and quality of life with the potential to lead to arthritis and chronic pain.


Arthritis is a chronic, degenerative condition that can affect any one of the 30 joints of the foot and ankle, causing pain, stiffness, and inflammation in the joints, making it very difficult to walk. Podiatrists can help people with rheumatoid arthritis by keeping patients comfortable and mobile. Treatments are available to alleviate and reduce the symptoms of arthritis. Your podiatrist will carefully assess the severity of the arthritis and will footwear and or Orthotics to provide comfort and or an exercise regimen to help keep the joints moving and relieve any stiffness and pain.

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