Elyssa Parodi graduated from La Trobe University with a double degree in Applied science and a Master of Podiatric Practice. Elyssa has also completed a Master of Public Health to further her studies. She has also been accepted into the Australasian College of Podiatric Surgeons to begin her training as a podiatric surgical registrar in 2023. Elyssa has also achieved her Endorsement to prescribed Scheduled Medicines.

Having worked in the health industry for the last 10 years, Elyssa utilises different communication and treatment techniques to help you reach your goals and enhance your outcomes.

Elyssa’s main focus is ensuring you understand why your issue has occurred and works with you to select the best treatment, tailored for you!. When assessing lower limb complaints, Elyssa employs a holistic approach to ensure you return to life pain-free. Elyssa confidently treats a wide variety of podiatric complaints including skin and nail care, wart removal and ingrown toenail surgery.

Elyssa has a keen interest in sports and musculoskeletal injuries, excelling in her assessment and management of plantar heel pain, shin pain, Achilles issues, arch pain, forefoot pain and numbness, bunion and arthritic pain. Elyssa also offers corticosteroid injections for varying pathologies e.g. joint pain, bursitis and neuromas.

Outside of work Elyssa enjoys running, Vinyasa flow yoga and loves cooking and experimenting with new recipes.