Stress fractures, as the name suggests, it is when there is too much stress on the bones which can cause fractures.

Kingsford Foot Clinic Stress Fractures
Stress on the bones can be caused by:
⦁ Rapid weight gain
⦁ Increasing loads too quickly (e.g. running, without a slow build-up into running)
⦁ Overload due to repetitive action
⦁ Weak muscles and tendons surrounding the bones
⦁ Trauma (e.g. a fall, stub or trip)
⦁ Poor footwear

Stress fractures or even bony reactions may feel like:
⦁ Throbbing or sharp pain
⦁ Pain with weight-bearing
⦁ Pain that disturbs your sleep or increased pain at night time
⦁ Redness, swelling or warmth at the site
⦁ Pain with touch/pressure

Treatments for stress fractures in the foot involve:
⦁ Offloading for 6 weeks with a stiff-soled shoe or boot (depending on the site of the fracture)
⦁ Taping techniques
⦁ Gradual return to activity
⦁ Rehab to increase strength in the area and improve mobility and function
⦁ Guided plan with a slow return to high-intensity exercise e.g. running
⦁ Sometimes surgery

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, get in touch today.