In between our metatarsal bones, we have nerves. Any increased pressure on our metatarsals may cause inflammation of these nerves.

Increased pressure can be caused by:
⦁ Tight or narrow shoes
⦁ Changes to foot posture
⦁ Standing for long periods of time at work

Inflammation or pinching of these nerves can cause symptoms such as:
⦁ Numbness, tingling or burning in the forefoot and toes
⦁ Pain with pressure under the foot
⦁ Feeling of a rock or lump under the ball of the foot when standing on the ground barefoot

With prolonged inflammation of the nerve, the nerve can become thickened. This is called a neuroma. A neuroma can be managed and treated in many different ways.

These are as follows and are generally done in this order:

⦁ Anti-inflammatory medications (short-term)
⦁ Footwear modification
⦁ Toe yoga/exercise
⦁ Metatarsal dome added to your shoe insole
⦁ Custom orthotic prescription
⦁ Injection therapy
⦁ Surgery

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We have bursas all around our bodies. They are fluid-filled sacs that sit between bone and soft tissue to reduce friction and provide cushioning.

Increased pressure on bursas in the feet can cause pain and inflammation. This is called bursitis.

Bursitis can be treated in the following ways and generally in this order:
⦁ Offloading and Anti-inflammatory medications (short-term)
⦁ Taping techniques
⦁ Footwear modifications
⦁ Insole modifications e.g. padding and domes
⦁ Custom orthotic prescription
⦁ Injection therapy

If you are noticing:
⦁ Pain that gets worse as the day goes on, the longer you are on your feet.
⦁ Pain that doesn’t get better as you warm up
⦁ The area is sore to touch
⦁ Swelling

It’s time to come in for an assessment and treatment.