Ingrown toenails and Cuticle Infections are very painful but can often be treated quickly and painlessly at Kingsford Foot Clinic.

Kingsford Foot Clinic Ingrown Toenail

They can occur for many reasons, these include:

Self-inflicted trauma:
⦁ Picking at your cuticle or skin around the nail
⦁ Picking or peeling your toenails

Accidental Trauma:
⦁ Dropping something on your toe
⦁ Having an open wound

Improper cutting technique:
⦁ Cutting your nails too short or curved
⦁ Having nails too long which poke into your skin around the nail

Your anatomy:
⦁ Having an involuted (curved) nail plate that causes the edges to dig into the skin


It’s essential to have your podiatrist determine which diagnosis you have (ingrown toenail or cuticle infection) as these are treated differently.

At Kingsford Foot Clinic 60% of our team of Podiatrists and Podiatric Surgeons have completed extra training to be able to prescribe medications, antibiotics and longer-lasting anaesthetics. We use these to keep you pain-free and infection-free.

Not all ingrown toenails or cuticle infections need surgery! We use a stepwise approach to managing and treating your ingrown toenail and/or cuticle infection. We offer conservative management approaches; local anaesthetic procedures; and hospital procedures.

Our Podiatrists and Podiatric surgeons have access to a wider range of skills and services, which means the treatment you are provided with is comprehensive and of the highest quality.