Ingrown toenails and Cuticle Infections are very painful but can often be treated quickly and painlessly at Kingsford Foot Clinic.

Kingsford Foot Clinic Bunions Bunionettes

A bunion and bunionette are very similar presentations. The only thing that differs is the location.
⦁ A bunion (Hallux Valgus) relates to the big toe
⦁ A bunionette (Tailor’s Bunion) relates to the little (fifth) toe

A bunion or bunionette is not a growth, it’s a deformity of two bones.
Check out one of our Instagram posts for a more detailed explanation of this: What are Bunions Instagram Post (Click Here)

Bunions and bunionettes are generally caused by:
⦁ Genetics
⦁ Foot type
…and can be exacerbated by:
⦁ Footwear types
⦁ Muscle imbalances or weakness.

They can cause joint inflammation (synovitis); make wearing shoes difficult and cause pain when walking or playing sports.

It’s important to keep the muscles around the joints (big toe joint and fifth toe joint) strong. If you have strength surrounding the joint, the joint will take less load during day-to-day activities. Strengthening can be done with various toe yoga exercises. (see the below link Toe Yoga on our Instagram). Orthotics can also help decrease load, specifically at the big toe joint.
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If your symptoms are very painful and are affecting your quality of life, our Podiatric Surgeons correct these deformities. Many of our patients who have had their bunions surgically corrected are able to weight-bare directly after surgery and have minimal pain following the procedure.

Remember, pain is not normal. If this sounds like you and you would like some more advice, give our friendly staff a call or book online.