Extraordinary care with exceptional skill and integrity

Mission Statement

With extraordinary care and compassion, we provide our patients with evidence-based advice and appropriate treatments to maximize the life-long health of their feet and foot-related structures. Our dedication to continuing education and research will ensure treatments will be implemented with exceptional skill from an extensive knowledge base. We believe our commitment to undertaking a thorough medical history and physical examination for every patient is essential to maximise patient safety and treatment efficacy. We will always provide optimal care for our patients in a pleasant, comfortable and hygienic environment.

Our core values

Physicians of the foot and foot-related structures
Compassion and empathy
Dedicated to attention to detail
Consultation durations and fee levels assigned to enable sufficient time and resources to maximise patient outcomes
Respect for the diversity of cultures, creeds, and religions
Commitment to ongoing professional education and research

Our Aims:

To be the best podiatrists
To be known broadly as the best podiatrists
To enjoy every day and have fun being the best podiatrists
To believe in ourselves, our knowledge and our skill sets
To be remunerated well
To enjoy the financial benefits of being the best podiatrists
To continually improve ourselves and our practice (Kaizen principle)
To share ideas and benefit from functioning as a team
To enjoy each other’s company